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Problems With a Memory Foam Mattress

Problems With a Memory Foam Mattress Posted on December 31, 2016Leave a comment

With so many infomercials and magazine advertisements for memory foam mattresses, you may think that they’re the perfect addition to your bedroom furniture.

While many people find memory foam mattresses more comfortable than traditional mattresses, that isn’t the case for everyone. There are both common and rare problems that occur with memory foam mattresses that may deter you from buying one.

Common Problems:
When you pick up your brand-new memory foam mattress, you’ll likely notice a bad smell. Unlike traditional spring mattresses, the polyurethane that comprises a memory foam mattress has a very distinctive smell in the first few days of opening the plastic packaging. Many people find this smell overpowering. If you can wait, leave your memory foam mattress open without any bedding for several days to air it out. After this, the smell should dissipate, though it may take several weeks for it to go away completely.

Some owners of memory foam mattresses complain about feeling too hot when sleeping on their mattresses, because memory foam material doesn’t breathe as well as materials in traditional mattresses. Consider reducing your home’s temperature as you sleep to combat this issue. Lighter bedding can also help decrease sweating and problems sleeping because of the heat.

Some people are unhappy that their memory foam mattress because it is so firm. This is especially the case if they tested a mattress in a store, since display models soften due to constant use. Over time, the firmness of your memory foam mattress should decrease, making it more comfortable.
Isolated Issues:
Since memory foam mattresses lack coiled springs like traditional mattresses, heavier owners have found that they sink too deeply into the mattress. Though they are still able to sleep on the mattress, most overweight owners find it uncomfortable.

Some owners also find it harder to move around on a memory foam mattress than a traditional mattress. Since they sink into the memory foam, it can be tougher for them to turn over as they sleep. Before purchasing a memory foam mattress, test a floor model in a mattress store. Lie on it or several minutes to see how comfortable it is as you sink into the material. Then turn over to see if this action is difficult. Testing the mattress will help you decide if memory foam is right for you.

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