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Memory Foam vs Spring Mattresses

Memory Foam vs Spring Mattresses Posted on December 28, 2019Leave a comment

When it comes to buying a mattress, comfort is the most important factor. Since buying a mattress isn’t a cheap endeavor, you want to make sure that your money is being well spent. Some traditionalists stay with spring mattresses, while others will only rest their head on a memory foam mattress. In order to make an informed purchase on which one to choose, it’s important to know the pro and cons of each.

Spring mattress

Spring mattresses is made from basic pocket-coil system wrapped in fabric. Since manufacturing this is easy, they tend to run at a lower cost. Since foam pillow tops are added for extra comfort, spring mattresses may still be an option. But there are a few other noteworthy things to know about spring mattresses:

  • Memory foam can be vacuum sealed and delivered in a box, while spring mattresses obviously cannot. They are delivered via truck or on top of a vehicle to your home.
  • Spring mattresses do not contour to your body like memory foam does. There is varying differences of firmness, but other than that, spring mattresses tend to be a “one size fits all” comfort.
  • Coil pressures and uneven support can intensify aches and pains.
  • Spring mattresses tend to have a shorter lifespan and warranty then memory foam due to the coil system design and manufacturing causing them to eventually sag from body weight.
  • In order to maintain the mattress, spring mattresses have to be rotated and flipped regularly. This is an annoyance to your mattress investment.

Memory foam

Memory foam mattresses have a tendency of retaining heat, and how likes to be hot when you’re sleeping? Gel foam aids in more of a cool night’s sleep. Other than that, they are known for the level of comfort that spring mattresses don’t have.

  • Memory foam mattresses will distribute body weight evenly for a balance in supporting individual pressure to relieve aches and pains. Get ready for a good nights sleep.
  • Memory foam will hold its shape without eventual sagging.
  • Memory foam is designed from layers to create a firm mattress that contours to the body to create great support.
  • Memory foam mattresses have a longer lifespan than a spring mattress and a 20-year warranty is proof that companies stand by this type of mattress.
  • You can shop online in a convenient and easy way. Memory foam mattresses can be shipped to your door. They unfold and rise to shape in perfect condition for sleep.
  • Memory foam mattresses only need to be rotated every six months.
  • Most companies offer 100 days free sleep trial to be able to fully experience memory foam bed.

Since online shopping has grown, memory foam mattresses are affordable because the salesperson in the store is cut out. It makes sense to go for a memory foam bed vs. the spring mattresses. If you’re losing sleep and experiencing aches and pains, consider memory foam.

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