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How To Help Keep Your Home From Break-ins

How To Help Keep Your Home From Break-ins Posted on December 13, 20191 Comment

Today, you can find electronic security systems in most homes, along with other anti-burglary devices. Despite the precautions, homes are still broken into on a regular basis.

If you want to keep unwanted intruders out of your home, you don’t need to turn your home into a prison cell. There are other solutions that don’t cost money, just a little time and resources.

Don’t leave things out in the yard

Leaving certain things lying around your yard or in plain sight can lure thieves onto your property pretty easily. If you have a bicycle or scooter that someone can easily roll away with, just make sure you park it in the garage before you head inside.

If you just bought a new computer or tv, don’t leave the box outside – that’s basically telling people you have some new goodies to come get. If you have a number of expensive things in plain sight by looking into the windows, try a redesign to move them out of view.

Use trickery

If a burglar sees someone is in the house, there’s a higher chance they won’t break in. Keep in mind, more break-ins happen during the day when people are at work. When you leave the house, consider creating an illusion that someone is still in the house. Leave a light on, or some music.

You can also put a home security system sign in your yard – deterring them from even trying. This isn’t fool-proof to keep them out, but if they see that you’re prepared, they are less likely to attempt a break in.

Don’t leave spare keys out

If it seems like a good idea to leave a spare key hidden under a flower pot or the doormat, think again. Doing that is practically inviting a burglar in to your home. Not only that, but someone could see you retrieving your spare key at any given time, giving away your hiding spot.

Give a spare key to close and trusted friends or neighbors for safekeeping.

Secure your sliding doors and windows

By sampling popping a sliding window out of frame, someone can break into your home, even when locked. Simply take a strong dowel, steel bar or two-by-four and slide it into the back groove. That way, even if people can pick the lock, the rod stops the door from sliding back and opening.

When locking your doors before you leave, consider installing a pin or nail to the dream to stop it from raising more than a few inches. This adds extra security given the instance that someone wants to break in though the windows.

Prepare before vacation

Residential crime spikes during July and August as people leave town for summer vacations. If you are going out of town for an extended period of time, call your local police and let them know – as they can do check ups every few days. Also, let your trusted neighbors know as they can keep an eye out for you while you’re away.

It’s also vital to leave no sign of an empty house when you leave. If you leave a sign of an empty house, this is a giant bullseye for a thief. Avoid having piled up mail by having it put on hold while you’re away.

Have a friend house sit or at least pick up your mail for you. You can even ask them to move your car periodically to make it look like you’re still around.

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