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Obtaining Credit Card Rewards – 5 Tips Worth Remembering

Obtaining Credit Card Rewards – 5 Tips Worth Remembering Posted on October 31, 2011Leave a comment

Even though there are some credit card companies that have made it quite a bit harder for a person to earn reward points for purchases made on credit cards, there are some great ways to boost credit card rewards. By making sure to follow the 5 great tips below, it will make it much easier to obtain reward points on credit cards you’ve obtained.

  1. Obtain credit cards from stores that are visited frequently – A lot of people have found that the rewards given by particular retailers is often much better than those provided by other stores. With some credit cards that are co-branded, reward points as high as 1.8 can be earned. has a rewards Visa card that offers up to two points on purchases of everyday items and they give three points on items that are purchased at the Amazon website.
  1. Get rewards you have earned in cash – There are as many as 61% of credit card owners that obtain rewards they receive on their cards by transferring the points they’ve earned into spending money. You will find that a lot of issuing companies have changed their rewards programs to categories that rotate. While in the first quarter gas purchases may provide rewards, the second quarter may provide rewards on grocery purchases.
  1. Purchase gift cards – Gift cards can be beneficial when your only option is to swap points for catalog merchandise. This is also a step that helps to keep a person from spending money on items that are not needed.
  1. Obtain a flexible card for acquiring travel points – There are three main problems that a lot of people notice with many programs for travel rewards. A lot of these programs have specific dates blocked out, which can make it difficult to redeem points. A lack of seating for individuals that would like to cash in rewards for travel is another major issue that people often run into. Another big problem is being required to pay fees when cashing in travel rewards. To avoid these issues, choose a flexible card that allows you to earn points from several different hotels and airlines.
  1. Reach your financial goals by using reward points – It can be extremely beneficial to take advantage of credit cards that make deposits on cash back rewards right into your investment, savings account or 529 college funds. One of the advantages of cards like this is the deposits are made automatically.

While it may not be drastic purchases that can be made with reward points, every little bit helps. Having the ability to earn gift cards, real cash, travel or merchandise with the rewards points from purchases made on credit cards remains to be a compelling idea that many people find hard to pass up.

The points that can be earned can differ a great deal from one issuing company to another. For this reason, it is important to take the time to research various companies and the rewards packages that they offer.

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