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The Top Sites to Find Over 30,000 Free Books Online

The Top Sites to Find Over 30,000 Free Books Online Posted on July 5, 20123 Comments

With so many websites on the Internet offering free audio and e-books, it’s simple to locate all the reading material you could ever hope for. There’s something for the young and the young at heart. Below are sites that feature free reading material that is easy to download, transfer to e-readers, or read directly from the computer.

Free E-books

Page By Page Books – This site is perfect for those that enjoy reading online. There are numerous classic book titles to browse through. Bookmarking pages is easy, which means you won’t lose your place if you’re not able to read the entire book at once.

Google Books – This is a public domain featuring many popular classic titles in PDF format. Whether you want to read online, transfer books to an e-reader, or download them to your PC, this is the place to be.

Project Gutenberg – One of the most popular free e-book sites, Project Gutenberg provides over 33,000 book titles. Books on the site can easily be transferred to e-readers or downloaded to PCs.

Read Print – Using the site’s reading mode, readers can quickly find and read tons of poems, novels, and stories by genre, author, or title.

Chest of Books – A great place to find a large assortment of non-fiction e-book topics. There are also some fairy tales and classic novels to browse through.

Online Books Page – Books featured on this University of Pennsylvania site are sorted for the reader’s convenience by genre, title, and author. They offer free online reading from a selection of more than 800,000 books. – Readers can browse through almost 30,000 books by genre, title, or author. Reader recommendations and reviews are also provided, along with instructions on how to transfer books to many types of e-readers.

Bibliomania – This site offers several types of free reading materials that include over 2,000 book summaries, classic books, contemporary articles, short stories, interviews, author biographies, poems, plays, and book notes.

Book Glutton – This is the perfect place for readers that enjoy reading and discussing books online. It’s simple to add footnotes to the free classics that are listed, so readers can then share them with a reading partner.

Authorama – While a few of the classic books featured on the site are in German, most are in English. Readers have the option of reading books both online and off.


  1. Majority won’t work for me. I only read books I hold in my hands. I have read a lot for over 70 years and don’t intend to change.

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