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Thrifty Hints: Coupons, Clothing, & Costs

Thrifty Hints: Coupons, Clothing, & Costs Posted on April 2, 2018Leave a comment

There is an art to using coupons; if used properly, they can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Coupons can be used not only on food items, but also on beauty, medical and cleaning products.

In addition to collecting one or more Sunday newspapers a week to get the coupon supplement, coupons can be downloaded online either directly from the manufacturer or on coupon websites. The key to use them is organizing them and filing them away, then on a weekly basis scouring the supermarket and pharmacy circulars for sales. Then, you match the coupons you have amassed to products that are on sale to even further reduce the price and get the best price. Some individuals like to catalog or keep track of each coupon they have archived, but there are many forums or websites that will match past Sunday supplement coupons to current sales for you. The key to using this method is to stock up on items you frequently use when there is a sale and a corresponding coupon, even if you have not run out. This method works for everything from soup to toothpaste and occasionally, if the coupon and price work out, you may get items for free!


When it comes to shopping for clothing, checking out local thrift stores is still the best way to find the cheapest deals, but now there are ways to use to the Internet to save big on new merchandise. For starters, there are affiliate programs that you can join for free and by clicking the retailers’ websites through these affiliates, you will save anywhere from 1 percent to 12 percent (during promotions, more than 12 percent). Some of the sites deposit the money in your PayPal account or via a paper check. After you do this and save a couple bucks depending on the amount of your purchase, you can search the retailers’ site for sales or clearance, which typically have its own sections on retailers’ sites. The best deals are for out-of-season clothing. Last, you should do an Internet search for the name of the retailer with the word “promo code” or promotional code. Most of the time, people submit these and others rate their success on using them or even how much they saved using the code. While there many be no current promotion codes at that time, often you can score free shipping or a certain percentage discount using promo codes at check out. If you are able to use all three of these tactics together you can get some fantastic deals on brand new clothing.

Cut Costs

There thousands of cuts you can cut, some larger and other more insignificant but add up in the long term. For example, downsizing your cell phone plan from unlimited texting to 200 per month or from unlimited data to the next largest package can save $5 to $15 per month. Another idea is to be more vigilant of your electricity and other utilities usage. Turning off lights and unpluging appliances and chargers that are not in use can lower your electricity bill, and setting your heat or air conditioning lower when you are not home or in the evening can save a significant amount of money. Reassess all your current fixed costs and see if you can change to a lower provider or bargain with your current provider for a discount. For example, if you have cable or Internet, you can get a package and save or take advantage of a promotional deal, even if it is only for a limited period.

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