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10 Free Ways to Save $50 Instantly

10 Free Ways to Save $50 Instantly Posted on May 2, 2018Leave a comment

Saving money is something that every person can benefit from. This is especially true in a time where prices on practically everything continue to rise higher and higher. 

Below are 10 ways to instantly save $50 that are absolutely free:

  1. Bring out the scissors – Buy a Sunday newspaper (which is very inexpensive) and clip coupons. Money the coupons will save you often adds up to being 20 times the amount of the coupons. The rewards are big, but couponing does take a certain amount of strategizing. Sites like or our list of 5,000+ printable coupons should help you get started.
  1. Change insurance companies – It doesn’t matter if it was just last summer when you changed insurance agencies, checking out the current rates can be very beneficial. It only takes a short amount of time to obtain some quotes from the competition and it may very well save you money.
  1. Sell your mobile phone – Instead of throwing your old mobile phones into a drawer, consider selling it for some extra cash. Find out how much money your phone can bring by visiting You can find out immediately after providing the manufacturer and model number. Or, you can try selling it on eBay.
  1. Shop Wisely – To shop wisely, you have to make comparisons. NexTag and are websites where you can locate the best prices for specific items. Before you buy, make sure you find the best deals ( can help with making sure you truly are getting the “best” deal). You can also visit money saving coupon codes.
  1. Pick up the phone – Making a quick call to the cable company, Netflix, or TiVo can result in a lowered bill. When speaking with a rep, make up your mind to remain on the line until your bill is reduced, even if it means dropping down to a package that is lower.
  1. Use a grocery list – Shopping without a list is a good way to end up spending a lot more than you anticipated. You just might be surprised how much money you can save by making a grocery list and sticking to it. Avoid shopping hungry. Statistically, people that grocery shop while hungry end up buying more “junk” food on average.
  1. Shop at thrift stores – It’s easy to find clothing, housewares, and other items that are in ‘like new’ condition when shopping at thrift stores. The best part is most items are only priced for a few bucks.
  1. Buy generic products – While some generic food items may not taste that great, it’s hard to tell the difference on most generic products. Buying generic and clipping coupons can quickly cut your food bill in half.
  1. Carpool – With the high prices of gasoline, it doesn’t take long to save a load of cash when you carpool. You can quickly start your own group of carpoolers by speaking to some of your co-workers.
  1. Water your lawn at night – If the sun is out when you water your lawn, it can soak up a lot of the water. This causes you to need more water, in turn running up your water bill. Watering the lawn after the sun goes down, especially during the hot summer months is a quick way to lower your water bill.

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