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Why Weren’t Landline Users Told About This New Phone Service?

Why Weren’t Landline Users Told About This New Phone Service? Posted on March 16, 20173 Comments

Landlines have served both businesses and consumers well for decades for their price and reliability. While they are still a reliable method of communicating, there is a better alternative because landline prices keep climbing.

And this new alternative gives practical features that just aren’t possible on landlines.

In fact, at least 200 airports have switched over and are now using VoIP — which is a good endorsement of VoIP’s reliability. VoIP phone services offers numerous benefits over traditional landlines and often come with a cheaper price tag. Businesses have been switching in hoards over to VoIP once they learn how much easier it really is.

What is VoIP?

 While it may seems a bit technical, it’s very simple to set up. Instead of plugging your phone into a phone jack, you plug it directly into a VoIP adapter, which will come with a new service, and the adapter then plugs into either a modem or your computer.

The adapter then takes the audio signal you create when you are speaking and converts it to a digital format to be sent across a broadband connection.

What Features Does VoIP Have?

Traditional landlines have provided must-haves in terms of features; Caller ID, conference calls, voicemail, etc. Not only does VoIP provide these features, it also makes it much easier. Not only can you still access all of these great features on the phone, most of these you can on a computer as well. Need to make a call but away from your phone? You can do that on your computer. Enhanced features such as visual voicemail have also been optimized for viewing on a computer for more detailed information.

How Much Does VoIP Cost?

Since VoIP connections take place over an already existing broadband connection, there is no need to pay for an extra line. This allows for a cheaper base service than landlines. Bundling becomes an option with your internet provider as well as they will often offer discounts when you are purchasing several of their services.

International calls is an area where VoIP really shines. Many companies will offer unlimited calls within North America for no additional cost and offer insanely low rates of around 2-3 cents a minute for other international calls.

OK, I’m Sold. What is the Best VoIP option?

While there are many companies emerging in the VoIP field, Vonage (our partner) has been a pioneer in VoIP for years and has the customer satisfaction and outstanding number of features to show for it. With Vonage, switching over from your landline has never been easier, and the added features will have you thinking why you didn’t switch sooner.

  • Keep your number
  • Vonage app to take home phone calls on your smartphone
  • Have your voicemails delivered to your inbox
  • Have your own toll-free number
  • Virtual number in another country to avoid international fees

With all these added features, what’s holding you back. Join Vonage today, and you can receive a free $50 Prepaid Visa card when you sign up for a years service at only $9.99 a month.

Try Vonage & see today’s promotion.


  1. Is this really true or is it some kind of Scam ?
    How long is the monthly payment of $9.99 to last or will they up the rate
    within one to two months ? Not happy with AT & T, Constantly trying to
    over-charge people/customers on the monthly bills. Would appreciate
    knowing the truth from this ad. Will await your comments.

    1. When you’re in a contract, they cannot increase your rate. Of course, they have to be careful because it is very easy to switch VoIP providers. You should be able have your number ported over by any VoIP provider.

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