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The Top Sites to Find Over 30,000 Free Books Online

With so many websites on the Internet offering free audio and e-books, it’s simple to locate all the reading material you could ever hope for. There’s something for the young and the young at heart. Below are sites that feature free reading material that is easy to download, transfer to e-readers, or read directly from the computer.

Free E-books

Page By Page Books – This site is perfect for those that enjoy reading online. There are numerous classic book titles to browse through. Bookmarking pages is easy, which means you won’t lose your place if you’re not able to read the entire book at once.

Google Books – This is a public domain featuring many popular classic titles in PDF format. Whether you want to read online, transfer books to an e-reader, or download them to your PC, this is the place to be.

Project Gutenberg – One of the most popular free e-book sites, Project Gutenberg provides over 33,000 book titles. Books on the site can easily be transferred to e-readers or downloaded to PCs.

Read Print – Using the site’s reading mode, readers can quickly find and read tons of poems, novels, and stories by genre, author, or title.

Chest of Books – A great place to find a large assortment of non-fiction e-book topics. There are also some fairy tales and classic novels to browse through.

Online Books Page – Books featured on this University of Pennsylvania site are sorted for the reader’s convenience by genre, title, and author. They offer free online reading from a selection of more than 800,000 books. – Readers can browse through almost 30,000 books by genre, title, or author. Reader recommendations and reviews are also provided, along with instructions on how to transfer books to many types of e-readers.

Bibliomania – This site offers several types of free reading materials that include over 2,000 book summaries, classic books, contemporary articles, short stories, interviews, author biographies, poems, plays, and book notes.

Book Glutton – This is the perfect place for readers that enjoy reading and discussing books online. It’s simple to add footnotes to the free classics that are listed, so readers can then share them with a reading partner.

Authorama – While a few of the classic books featured on the site are in German, most are in English. Readers have the option of reading books both online and off.

The Secret to Finding the “Unknown” Auctions on eBay

Are you someone that constantly checks out several auctions that are listed on eBay, but you always come up empty handed because the listed prices have sky-rocketed due to so many bids?

Believe it or not, this is actually one of the biggest complaints of many different buyers that are looking to make purchases on eBay. Being outbid by another buyer every single time you locate an item you would love to buy can get old, and it can get old in a hurry. TypoTracker may be exactly what you are looking for.

With thousands of new auctions being listed on eBay each and every day, the likelihood of some of the auctions being listed with misspelled words in the titles is quite high. As a matter of fact, this type of mistake does happen with many different types of products that are listed for auction, and it happens much more often than you would think. TypoTracker is an Internet website that uses a type of keyword generator that can help you to locate all sorts of items put up for auction that have been inadvertently listed with incorrect titles.

Buyers Benefit from Many Advantages When Using TypoTracker

There are several different advantages that a buyer using TypoTracker can benefit from. To name just a few of these advantages would include the following:

  •  When an item is listed on eBay and it has the product’s name spelled incorrectly, it means the auction will be very difficult for anyone else to find. This ultimately means that using TypoTracker you can find some really great bargains, which can save tons of money.
  • Since other buyers on eBay are not able to locate the misspelled auctions, the hassle of trying to outbid a countless number of other buyers is completely eliminated.
  • A wide range of high quality products can be obtained. Some of the products that are often found in misspelled auctions include name brand purses, computer systems, and even high dollar jewelry items. When TypoTracker is used, items like these and a wide range of many others can be located quickly and easily.

Examples of How TypoTracker Works

Find some money saving prices on many different items is as easy as visiting the TypoTracker website and entering the specific type of product you are looking for in the search window. In no time at all you will receive a list of all the misspelled auctions that match your search. This gives you the advantage of being able to bid on any auction you want, without having to worry about being outbid by another bidder on eBay.

Let’s take for example an auction that has been placed on eBay where the seller lists that they have a Guci purse for sale. While the seller may expect to receive many bidders on a high fashion auction like this, it will most likely not receive any at all. The reason is because the correct spelling is ‘Gucci’ not Guci. This means the item will remain hidden from all other bidders. Using TypoTracker will pull up misspelled auctions like this, giving you the opportunity to obtain products like this at some outstanding prices.

There are numerous auction titles that are misspelled all the time. With TypoTracker, buyers have the extra edge they need to obtain high quality products at discounted prices.

Over 190 Printable Coupons from Local Stores

It is no big secret that it can quickly become very expensive to pay for the personal, clothing, and grocery needs of a family, and this is especially true for single-parent families. Additional expenses like dining out, extras that may be needed throughout the month and cash needed for traveling can wind up costing more than a lot of people bring home. This is of course unless you have coupons to help with the cost of these expenses.

WOW Coupons is a website that is growing fast. It is becoming more popular all the time among individuals and families that know how important it is to save money with every available opportunity.

The Creation of WOW Coupons

This money saving website was created by a bargain hunting working mom that knows exactly how important saving money can be. She knows how difficult it can be to pay a mortgage, car payment, and monthly utility bills, and this is not to even mention the high cost of clothing, groceries, and other expenses. This is precisely why she dedicates her time to locating discounts, freebies, printable store coupons, and rebates, and then shares them with others. To make it even better, she even takes the time to make sure they are neatly organized. This makes the chore of locating ways to save money a process that is much more fun, quick, and easy for visitors of the site.

Known by Many as *the* Website to Visit BEFORE the Shopping Begins

Discount offers from a wide variety of widely known retail and national franchise stores are easy to locate on WOW Coupons. All you have to do is select the discount you want from the store you plan to shop, and print. It’s that easy. Visitors of this site never have to worry about wasting valuable time to sign up for available discounts. There’s also no worrying about countless emails from mailing list after mailing list, which is a common problem with many other coupon sites.

Many consumers are saving a bundle every day just from the discount printable coupons and rebate offers they find on WOW Coupons. They also enjoy taking advantage of the freebies, promotional products, and magazine subscriptions that are offered, and it’s all absolutely free.

To name some of the different types of great discounts that can be found on WOW Coupons include the following categories.

  • Restaurant
  • Retail
  • Local offers
  • Shop online
  • Travel
  • Grocery
  • Deal of the week

With this many exciting categories to make your selections from, you can be sure of benefiting from a huge savings when making just about any type of purchase. After your first visit to WOW Coupons, you will never want to go shopping again without stopping by to print out all the most current discount offers. To make sure you enjoy a savings from all the latest and greatest offers, it is important to check back often. This is because each of the coupon categories is updated regularly. They are also sorted in categories that contain exclusive WOW offers, coupons that will expire soon or have expired, and newest coupons.

10 Free Ways to Save $50 Instantly

Saving money is something that every person can benefit from. This is especially true in a time where prices on practically everything continue to rise higher and higher. Below are 10 ways to instantly save $50 that are absolutely free:

  1. Bring out the scissors – Buy a Sunday newspaper (which is very inexpensive) and clip coupons. Money the coupons will save you often adds up to being 20 times the amount of the coupons. The rewards are big, but couponing does take a certain amount of strategizing. Sites like or our list of 5,000+ printable coupons should help you get started.
  1. Change insurance companies – It doesn’t matter if it was just last summer when you changed insurance agencies, checking out the current rates can be very beneficial. It only takes a short amount of time to obtain some quotes from the competition and it may very well save you money.
  1. Sell your mobile phone – Instead of throwing your old mobile phones into a drawer, consider selling it for some extra cash. Find out how much money your phone can bring by visiting You can find out immediately after providing the manufacturer and model number. Or, you can try selling it on eBay.
  1. Shop Wisely – To shop wisely, you have to make comparisons. NexTag and are websites where you can locate the best prices for specific items. Before you buy, make sure you find the best deals ( can help with making sure you truly are getting the “best” deal). You can also visit money saving coupon codes.
  1. Pick up the phone – Making a quick call to the cable company, Netflix, or TiVo can result in a lowered bill. When speaking with a rep, make up your mind to remain on the line until your bill is reduced, even if it means dropping down to a package that is lower.
  1. Use a grocery list – Shopping without a list is a good way to end up spending a lot more than you anticipated. You just might be surprised how much money you can save by making a grocery list and sticking to it. Avoid shopping hungry. Statistically, people that grocery shop while hungry end up buying more “junk” food on average.
  1. Shop at thrift stores – It’s easy to find clothing, housewares, and other items that are in ‘like new’ condition when shopping at thrift stores. The best part is most items are only priced for a few bucks.
  1. Buy generic products – While some generic food items may not taste that great, it’s hard to tell the difference on most generic products. Buying generic and clipping coupons can quickly cut your food bill in half.
  1. Carpool – With the high prices of gasoline, it doesn’t take long to save a load of cash when you carpool. You can quickly start your own group of carpoolers by speaking to some of your co-workers.
  1. Water your lawn at night – If the sun is out when you water your lawn, it can soak up a lot of the water. This causes you to need more water, in turn running up your water bill. Watering the lawn after the sun goes down, especially during the hot summer months is a quick way to lower your water bill.

How to Get Free Shipping from the Top 4,000 Online Stores

With just about every person having such an easy access to the Internet, there are many people every single day that are making the switch to shop for both business and household purchases on the Internet. Without a doubt this is one of the most popular ways of shopping that can wind up saving a person a large amount of hard earned money.

However, there is one big problem that a lot of people run into. Regardless if it is just small items that are being purchased, the cost for the shipping and handling of items bought online can quickly turn into a huge expense.

By simply visiting, buyers can obtain free shipping and handling coupons for practically any online purchase they may ever need to make for their home or office. This is an advantage that can ultimately save hundreds of dollars that would otherwise be wasted on the high cost of shipping and handling.

The mission of is to supply consumers with a fast and easy way to obtain free shipping and handling coupons to be used on a large variety of high quality items purchased online. They do this by supplying a tremendous selection of free shipping and handling coupons that are supplied by some of the most popular retail stores around. The great thing about the selection of coupons they supply is they are updated on a regular basis, providing consumers with all the latest and greatest promotions. Regardless of what your individual shopping needs may be, consumers are sure to find discounted rates from manufacturers we have all come to know and trust.

Popular Retail Stores that Regularly Provide Discounts on Shipping Costs

The list of well-known clothing stores that enjoy passing the savings onto their customers grows larger all the time. To name some of the iconic retail stores that you’ll find current coupons for free shipping and handling includes the following:

  • JCPenney
  • Land’s End
  • Eddie Bauer
  • Macy’s
  • Best Buy
  • American Eagle
  • Nordstrom
  • Sears
  • Victoria’s Secret
  • Kohl’s
  • Express
  • 6pm

While shoppers can benefit from a huge savings when purchasing clothing items for the members of their family, there are also other types of stores that supply discounts for free shipping as well. Some of these include Pottery Barn, Get Tiger Direct, Oriental Trading Co., and Newegg.

The money saving offers for free shipping from numerous retailers is not all consumers that visit will receive. There are also some other great values on coupons and store discounts that shoppers can take advantage of as well. This means that even if the site you plan to make a purchase from already offers their customers free or discounted shipping and handling, you will still be able to benefit from even more savings. The merchants at specialize in making sure consumers are provided with the most savings possible on shipping and handling, and other great discounts. Another great advantage is these coupon codes can be accessed 24 hours a day – 7 days a week.

Say No to Financial Services and Products That Are Unnecessary

There are many people who do not realize that several of the products and services that are purchased throughout the year are actually wasteful. Some of them require repeated payments to be made and they do not even provide any real value for the money that is spent. It can truly be eye opening to find the number of products and services that are regularly paid for that are completely unnecessary. With purchases that must be made just a little bit of investigating will often reveal cheaper or even free alternatives. Below you will find a variety of alternatives for common purchases that can ultimately save a family thousands of dollars every single year.

Older Autos and Collision Coverage

When accidents happen, collision coverage will only reimburse car owners for the value of the vehicle. What often ends up happening is citizens pay coverage costs that are close or equal to the total amount the policy will cover for damages. Eliminating this unnecessary expense can frequently save a person more than $300 each year. It is much more cost effective to plan a budget that includes money saved for unexpected accident and automobile repair costs.

Insurance for Credit Cards

An expense like credit card insurance erases or covers minimum payments for a period of time in the event such problems as injury, unemployment, disability or death occur. What a lot of people do not realize is some life insurance policies provide the same type of coverage. By eliminating this extra expense as much as $1.35 or more can be saved per $100 of a person’s credit card balance.

Extended Warranties

The purchase price of an extended warranty can be extremely costly on items such as automobiles and various types of electronics equipment. It is easy to eliminate this unnecessary expense that can potentially save hundreds of dollars by selecting high quality items that are less likely to break. In a lot of situations the fine print contained in some warranties will even disqualify a person from being able to receive a replacement or cash back on a claim. It is also not uncommon for a person to wind up paying more for warranties than the amount that is recovered on claims.

There are also other expenses which can be eliminated from your monthly costs and by being reasonable, you will be saving lots of money in the long run. Doing away with the cost of fee-based checking accounts, insurance for unnecessary items and expensive identity theft protection solutions (there are most likely cheaper options which are just as effective at your disposal) can go a long ways towards your goal of achieving financial stability.

Free Yourself from Credit Cards in 10 Easy Steps

There are numerous people who use credit cards to make purchases on items that they are unable to buy with cash. One of the problems that a lot of these people face is credit card debt that continuously climbs higher and is harder and harder to pay. The good news is there are several effective ways to decrease spending and eliminate problems associated with credit card debt. Below you will find 10 simple steps that make freedom from credit card debt much easier to achieve.

  1. Be committed to change – The best budget in the world will not be helpful if a person does not stay committed to making changes in their spending habits. To gain financial stability, it is essential to change old behaviors.
  1. Record purchases for one month – It can become frustrating while tracking every cent that is being spent but this is a step that can also be extremely beneficial. When a person is able to see on paper exactly how much is being spent for things like recreational activities or eating out, they can quickly see where adjustments should be made.
  1. Do away with credit cards – The fastest way to begin repairing the damage that credit card debt can cause to finances is stop using them, even if this means canceling accounts. It can help considerably to only make purchases that can be paid for with cash.
  1. Don’t be influenced by marketing – It is the job of companies to grab the attention of buyers, whether it is for items that they need or not. If a person stays on-guard for the advertising tactics that are used to draw buyers in, they are less likely to fall for these tactics and spend money on things they do not need.
  1. Transfer credit card balances to cards with lower rates – When a person has several different credit cards, a large amount of money can be saved just by transferring each of the balances to a card offering the lowest rate of interest.
  1. Lower credit card balances – When there is money left over at the end of each month, it can help tremendously to reduce credit card balances by applying this money to any balances that are outstanding.
  1. Decide to only purchase items with cash – While a lot of people would like to make all their purchases with cash, very few people actually make this a conscious decision to stick to. By avoiding the use of credit cards by using cash for purchases and applying all extra cash flow to the balance on these cards, debt will begin to decrease in no time.
  1. Stash other credit cards away for safe keeping – For some people it is much easier to avoid the use of credit cards if they are not easily accessible. One handy tip that some people use is to freeze credit cards in a bowl of water so they aren’t nearly as handy to use.
  1. Make a fund for emergencies – When an emergency fund is created, it is beneficial to use a savings account that brings in a high-yield. When budgeting allows for automatic deposits to be made to this account, it will grow in a very short amount of time.
  2. Notice monthly progress – By taking a few moments to review the results of your efforts, it can help to keep you focused and on track. While progress isn’t generally something that is visible immediately, it will come in due time by sticking to each of these tips.

Eliminate Credit Card Debt by Taking Away 10 Expenses

Eliminating credit card debt takes a long hard look at the income that is coming in each month and monthly expenses that exist. This step makes it much easier to decrease debt and free up more cash. When looking at one small cut that is made it can seem very small. However, when grouped together with several others, the difference can be significant. Below are 10 expenses to consider eliminating when the goal is to free up more money each month:

  1. Auto insurance policies – There are several ways a person can save money when it comes to automobile insurance. For those that drive around 7,000 miles each year or lower, there are often low-mileage discounted rates that can be obtained. Insurance premiums can be decreased by a large amount just by raising deductibles from $500 to $1,000. When older cars are driven, it is often much more realistic to completely drop collision insurance.
  1. Cell phones – With the wide use of cell phones, many people find a lot of money can be saved by canceling landline accounts. Rather than paying $60 to $80 each month, consider purchasing a TracFone for $9.88. The usage of these phones is paid by the minute and most of them provide great coverage.
  1. Dining out – On an average, a little over $200 each month can be saved by cutting out restaurants and fast food joints. The cost of food can be decreased drastically just by making a sack lunch to take to school or work.
  1. Satellite and cable television – While it is nice to have the extra channels that come with pay packages, there is a lot of money can be saved by eliminating this added expense. In some situations it is better to do away with cable or satellite altogether and consider renting DVDs or check out free options at the library.
  1. Transportation – There are more and more two car families that are finding it is much more cost-effective to downsize to just one vehicle. Taking advantage of things like car sharing, planning, public transportation, carpooling and riding a bike can help tremendously in this area.
  1. Relief from taxes – A lot of people have extra taxes withheld from their paychecks. While a large refund at tax time is great, it can be more beneficial to re-evaluate taxes being withheld so the cash can be used all through the year.
  1. Monthly utilities – Programmable thermostats are becoming increasingly popular because of the money they save. These devices only cost about $20 and they save as much or more than $100 throughout a year’s time.
  1. Entertainment – Before a family even realizes it a movie night can quickly turn into an expense costing close to $100 for a family of four. When finances are tight it is much better to rent a movie and have family night at home.
  1. Memberships at gyms – Gym memberships can cost a great deal of money. When people figure up how much money each session is costing them, they often realize exercising at a nearby park is much better for their finances.
  1. Dependent health insurance – In drastic financial situations some families will need to check into the possibility of obtaining federal or state health insurance coverage.