UK: Surprising Truth Every Family Must Know About Life Insurance

One surprising survey and two discount opportunities reveal that life insurance may be more affordable than many realize. This is the important rule to follow to make sure your family is covered in an accident or tragedy.

When one doesn't have life insurance, many children find they are forced to pay at least the "cost of dying," which is £9,204.1

With historically low life insurance rates – provide for your family, ensure your children get the best education, and pay off debts... with up to £200,000 in coverage. This is key if you want to provide a lot but pay a little.

In one year, the Association of British Insurers found that over 25,000 people claimed an average of £51,500 on the most basic form of life insurance.

Here's the good news: there are many large discounts for those that don't smoke. Companies offer coverage right now for single adults, children and full families–requring no medical exams. For those under 50 years old, this new experiment from gives rates from £10 per month which were difficult to find.

There are dozens of life insurers – Which will give you the best rate?

Some sites have brokers that compare only a few providers. In this comparison, you compare the whole of the market–this means you get access to all life insurance providers and their rates.

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