Why Homeowners Replace Roofs Older Than 2005

There are three major problems with roofs older than 2005. These older roofs may cause energy efficiency issues, lower home value, and health problems. A new or repaired roof may properly seal your home against harsh weather and lower your HVAC's heating costs.

People are afraid to replace a roof – even though it's a straightforward process. Because of this fear, they want to only buy a house that has a new roof. If you're willing to let professionals replace your roof, you're instantly raising the value of your home.

This is unknown outside of the industry, but many new shingles are ENERGY STAR® rated. That means these types of shingles are proven to reduce your energy costs. Also, there may be local incentives to improve your roof's energy efficiency.

A major reason many fear an old roof is because there could be mold and major health issues with the home. A small water leak overtime causes the accumulation of mold. A new roof can keep your family healthy.

Get the ability to brighten up your home. You can have a skylight added in. Whether you have an attic or vaulted ceilings, this is the perfect opportunity to get more natural light into your home.

Curb appeal is really what sells a home. Now that most real estate browsing happens online, the first thing people see is a picture of the outside of the house. Then, they decide if they want to look further. You'll be improving your home's first impression and the likelihood it would sell.

By improving your home equity, being energy efficient, and reducing wear on your A/C, the new roof should pay for itself.

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