Why Weren't Homeowners Told These 3 Truths About New Windows?

Here's the full truth on how to save on new window replacement (and why new windows can improve the energy efficiency of your home).

When you approach your windows can you feel cold air coming in from outside (or, hot air during the Summer)? Or, are they getting difficult to open and close? If so, you may want replacement windows. But you shouldn't just get any type.

Here are three ways you could save with windows.

First, the US Department of Energy reports you save $71 to $501 on energy costs annually if you replace your windows with new efficient windows.1

Second, in a survey of remodelers and real estate professionals, window replacement was listed as one of the five highest return on investment projects you can do for your home.2

Third, replacement windows can cost at least $1,000 each if you're not careful. Of course, financing is cheap because interest rates are low, but you can get the total cost down by following these steps.

Here's the first step to drop the price. Look for unsold builder-grade windows. Builders always seek out the cheapest commodity windows. All other grades will be worse or more expensive. One common one to avoid is "architectural grade" which may be the same quality but way more expensive. If you get unsold builder-grade windows from a major window company, you're going to get quality at a low price.

The second step is to let the Internet negotiate for you. There are thousands of installers across the U.S. and likely several within 30 miles of your home. Even if you compared quotes recently, most services leave installers unchecked. Also, an individual quote may leave out unsold builder-grade windows.

Many installers have builder-grade windows. Which installer will give you the best price?

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