Thanks to a new 2020 plan, a senior aged 65 to 80 may get their deductibles and co-pays covered 100%

CMS predicts a large increase in medical costs. In 8 years, the average senior could now be spending $7,800 a year.2

When you have a fixed income or have limited savings, it pays to use new strategies to save big. In June, many consumers used this strategy to try to solve this costly problem and save thousands.

Other than deductibles and pharmacy fees, here's another example showing you're stuck with medical costs: Medicare Part B typically covers most of an MRI, but you will need to copay – that could be $520.3 With a new 2020 plan, you could copay $0.

For those at least 65 but under 80 years old, the key is to find an affordable plan with the exact savings you need. The key to doing this comparing and looking at the criteria you need with a Medicare Advantage or supplement plans:

By checking out plans by an insurer, you could gain control over your medical expenses. This will safeguard you and your spouse from health costs that you cannot afford and save you money.

Even if you have a Medicare supplement plan, you'll want to check out today's rates. There are several reasons: this exhaustive comparison could find you plans you haven't seen before. New coverage options could also be available in your area.

Dozens of insurers provide these plans. Which insurer will give you the best rate?

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