The Three Truths Every Bath Tub & Shower User Must Know

How long have you been using the same bath tub or shower? 5 years? 10 years? You probably haven’t even considered an upgrade to a walk-in tub because you assume they are outrageously expensive. This is true if you don't know where to look, but many suppliers are getting rid of unsold inventory. We'll show you where to look, and why certain ones may be the key to independence and why hydrotherapy may reduce pain.

The Romans, the Turkish, and many ancient cultures discovered the health and productivity benefits of a true bathing experience. The default, mass-produced tub has lost these benefits. Massages would be prominent in these bathing centers. Although massages are extremely helpful to reduce anxiety and give relief to soreness, regular massages are expensive. A weekly massage, can set you back $3,000 to $4,000 a year. Today, water-based massages are the norm, and a walk-in tub can provide that comfort and therapy for free and anytime you want.

In 2017, a Brazilian study found that hydrotherapy dramatically improves function and pain in those over 65 years old. They had two groups of women over 65 with osteoarthritis in their knees. One group underwent hydrotherapy and reported a 95% improvement. Here's specifically what was reported in the study: "Patients receiving hydrotherapy had better performance for knee flexor and extensor strength, knee flexor power, and knee extensor endurance."1

A standard tub has massive problems. They simply weren't designed to be used by adults frequently. They're too low, small, and don't contour to our bodies. Many people rush into the hospital every year because they slipped on the bathroom floor while bathing or cleaning. Women are 72% more likely to fall in the bathroom because of their physique, strength or bone-mass.2 You can add safety features to a walk-in tub like additional bars, holders, seats, non-slip surfaces and other important measures that save a person from falling and slipping while bathing. Provide safety and independence when you upgrade your tub or shower to a walk-in tub.

There are many walk-in tub suppliers getting rid of unsold inventory, and professionals have an efficient process of installing them up.

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Start below to get access to many walk-in tubs that are a shower/tub combo. You can find out if hydrotherapy will give you relief, and improve the safety of your bathroom. After completing the questionnaire on the next page, expect a call from a specialist. They will make an appointment with you and walk you through each step to getting your new tub! You'll find out if you're eligible for financing, discounts, or rebates.